Skilled Therapy

Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy

Stay independent in your home with our Skilled Therapists.  Our specialists will continue to build strength, increase mobility and foster independence for you, all while educating and empowering the individual patient and family or care giver.

Our skilled therapists will develop an individualized therapy care plan to address difficulty with :

Mobility, weakness, injury recovery, and even home exercise programs to help you recover from:






  • Occupational therapist to improve your ability to perform essential daily tasks in a safe and secure home environment. Our therapists are also qualified to recommend and fit self-help orthotic devices.
  • Physical therapist will design programs to restore balance, improve mobility and reduce the risk of falling.
  • Speech therapists will improve communication, involve strategies for better swallowing to reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia and ensure good nutrition and hydration, and enhance cognitive abilities.

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